This week was the start of our SQE1 Revision timetable.

Our revision timetable follows our standard seminar timetable in our yearly calendar. Students spend 12 weeks in the lead up to an SQE sitting reading further into the topics and drilling practice questions.

Together we develop methods for answering SQE1 questions.

We work on identifying the principles which will help you identify the best possible answer in an SQE1 question even where you might know immediately know the answer through your revision.

We believe that SQE1 preparation must be more than an online course. This exam isn’t a memory test. It tests your ability to think like a lawyer. This can only really be tested through group learning, not sitting alone at a computer screen.

This is why our emphasis is on seminars and constant feedback.


Our SQE1 preparation students have also been busy on Qualifying Work Experience. This week, we assisted a client facing a first appearance in a Magistrates Court. We continued to work on a negligence case involving a local authority.

I had catch up meetings with the students that I am supervising – we are slowly building up their competence records to show their compliance with the statement of solicitor competence. This timetable of regular review and practical feedback is an essential part of our QWE offering.


I personally have also been involved in recruiting for our team of tutors and caseworkers.

We only want truly exceptional people on our teaching team. We have been really grateful for everyone who has responded to our recruitment call outs. We will be in touch soon.

Why FLC?

I also had some great calls with prospective students which I wanted to reflect on.

Many students talked about their experience with other providers. They mention quite quickly that (1) their delivery was good (2) the resources were competent, but the experience was lonely and isolated.

I personally cannot imagine spending huge amounts of money on a course which was solely online, with no bespoke assessment and limited contact time.

Maybe that’s just me.

As a new provider we are aware we have to prove ourselves. There are a lot of questionable operators out there offering SQE related courses. At FLC, we can point to the years we put into delivering clinical legal education at Universities across the country. But we are also aware that with a new kind of qualification, students are going to have to be convinced that a provider has credibility.

It’s not necessarily enough that everyone on our team is a qualified lawyer with decades of collective experience. Students want more.

That’s why we have made sample materials available through our website, and why we have arranged our open day for the 24th of May. We have had an amazing response to the open day so far. If you would like to attend, then book your place by emailing


So, as we head into late May, I have an excellent feeling about our current crop of SQE students. I think they are going to smash the exam in July and be ready to move to the SQE2 in July.

In the meantime, they are continuing to offer vital pro-bono help to people who need it.

Another busy week at the clinic. Reach out if you want to be part of it!

Preparing for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) can be a transformative step towards a legal career. However, finding the right SQE preparation course online is crucial for success. At the Freedom Law Clinic (FLC), we’ve honed our approach to SQE1 preparation, combining innovative teaching methods with hands-on experience through our unique Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) program.

Why Choose an SQE Preparation Course Online?

The SQE represents a shift towards aligning legal education with real-world practice early on. It’s not just about memorising law but developing practical judgment—essential for future lawyers. At FLC, we view the SQE as an opportunity to reshape legal education positively.

The FLC Approach to SQE Preparation Course Online

Our SQE1 preparation course is far from passive or generic. We believe in active learning, where students engage with legal concepts through practical application to fictional scenarios. This hands-on approach fosters a deeper understanding of the law—critical for excelling in the exam. Our seminar groups provide an inclusive and collaborative space, catering to diverse learning styles and backgrounds.

The Role of Qualifying Work Experience (QWE)

What sets our SQE preparation course apart is our integration of QWE from the outset. We understand that legal judgment—the core of the SQE—comes from real-world experience. Our students begin by contributing to frontline pro bono work, gaining invaluable insights into various practice areas like crime, tort, contract, and public law.

Benefits of Combining SQE Preparation online with QWE

The symbiotic relationship between SQE training and QWE is transformative. Students not only study but actively participate in legal work, reinforcing their understanding of legal concepts. This approach cultivates intuitive knowledge and practical skills, essential for making informed decisions in legal scenarios—the hallmark of a competent lawyer.

Active Learning for Lasting Results

FLC’s SQE preparation course emphasizes active learning, moving beyond lectures and practice questions. By immersing students in real-world legal contexts, we empower them to think like seasoned lawyers—choosing the best course of action from multiple correct answers. This active engagement is what truly prepares them for success in the SQE.

Flexibility and Accessibility

We understand that every student learns at their own pace. That’s why we offer a subscription model, allowing students to pause and resume studies as needed. This flexibility ensures that each student can approach the SQE1 preparation course in a way that suits their schedule and learning style.


Choosing the right SQE preparation course Online is pivotal for aspiring lawyers. At FLC, our SQE1 preparation course stands out for its active learning approach and integration of real-world experience through QWE. This comprehensive method not only prepares students for the exam but also equips them with the practical skills needed for a successful legal career.

To learn more about our SQE combination course or standalone QWE program, reach out to us via email or WhatsApp. Start your journey towards becoming a competent and confident lawyer with FLC’s SQE preparation course and Qualifying Work Experience.

The Freedom Law Clinic offers a unique programme that integrates Solicitors Qualifying Examination training (SQE) with qualifying work experience (QWE). This combination sets us apart as a standout provider in legal education and professional development. 

Our QWE involves students delivering essential free legal assistance to members of the public. 

We believe that practical work experience not only expedites the qualification process but also enhances the learning journey for aspiring solicitors preparing for the SQE.

You can request a copy of our QWE manual through whatsapp or email, via our website

Two pathways

Our online QWE programme is designed to provide candidates with immersive and practical exposure to real-life legal scenarios, equipping them with the necessary competences and skills to excel in their future legal careers. We offer two distinct pathways: a stand-alone QWE programme and our integrated SQE and QWE programme, ensuring flexibility and tailored experiences for our candidates.

The SQE is not just a theoretical examination; it’s a test of one’s ability to think and reason like a lawyer, requiring nuanced judgment in selecting the most appropriate legal solutions. Our approach to QWE recognises the pivotal role that real-world experience plays in developing this judgment and critical thinking ability.

What counts as QWE?

The SRA say that QWE must involve providing legal services as defined by the Legal Services Act 2007.  

Section 3 of the Act states: 

In this Act “legal activity” means—

(a)an activity which is a reserved legal activity within the meaning of this Act as originally enacted, and

(b)any other activity which consists of one or both of the following—

(i)the provision of legal advice or assistance in connection with the application of the law or with any form of resolution of legal disputes;

(ii)the provision of representation in connection with any matter concerning the application of the law or any form of resolution of legal dispute.

Our work at the clinic involves the provision of legal assistance to members of the public. This will involve applying the law to resolve disputes.

The experience must be in a in a genuine, non-simulated capacity. This encompasses roles within law firms, in-house legal teams, or other legal service providers where legal activities are central to the role. For instance, working as a paralegal, contributing to a law clinic, or participating in a placement during a law degree can all constitute QWE.

Candidates can accumulate this experience before, during, or after completing the SQE assessments. Additionally, QWE can be accrued across multiple organisations, whether in paid or voluntary positions, within England, Wales, or even overseas.

Questions to ask

To determine if a job or role qualifies as QWE, candidates can consider the following questions:

Does or did the role involve providing legal services as defined by the Legal Services Act 2007?

Was the legal service provision genuine and not simulated?

Were at least two competences from the Statement of Solicitor Competence covered?

Was the experience gained from no more than four organisations?

Was the duration of the experience at least two years’ full-time equivalent?

At the Freedom Law Clinic, we are committed to guiding candidates through their QWE journey. Our solicitors are trained to identify and assess competences, providing comprehensive feedback to help candidates meet the requirements outlined in the Statement of Solicitor Competence.

If you’re interested in developing your QWE then get in contact via Whatsapp or email today.

Selecting the ideal SQE preparation course is paramount to your success. Among the range of options available, finding the right fit can be daunting.

Let’s delve deeper into this pivotal decision and explore what sets a comprehensive SQE preparation course apart.

Understanding SQE Preparation Courses

SQE preparation courses are meticulously designed to equip aspiring lawyers with the essential knowledge and skills needed to excel in the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE). These courses typically encompass a range of features, including online lectures, interactive study materials, multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and personalised guidance from experienced tutors. When evaluating course providers, it’s crucial to scrutinise the credentials of the teaching staff. Ideally, your tutors should possess a blend of academic credentials and practical legal experience, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience that mirrors real-world legal scenarios.

The Importance of Flexibility

Flexibility is a key consideration when choosing an SQE preparation course. Many providers now offer flexible timetables, enabling you to pursue your studies alongside full-time employment or other commitments. However, it’s imperative to ascertain the expected time commitment to ensure it aligns with your schedule and learning preferences.

A Unique Approach: Transforming Aspiring Lawyers

At Freedom Law Clinic, we take a distinctive approach to SQE1 preparation. Our focus extends beyond exam success; we aim to holistically develop aspiring lawyers into competent legal professionals. Here’s what distinguishes our course from others:

1. Bespoke Feedback and Personalized Study Plans

Our tutors provide monthly, personalised progress reports and tailored study plans based on your individual strengths and weaknesses. This personalized approach ensures that you are thoroughly prepared for the SQE exams, significantly reducing the risk of failure.

2. On-the-Job Learning: Making an Impact from Day One

Upon enrollment, our students actively engage in pro-bono work through our Freedom Law Clinic, applying their legal knowledge to real-life cases from day one. This hands-on experience not only enriches their learning journey but also allows them to make meaningful contributions to the community.

3. Industry-Leading Written Materials and Resources

Our revision manuals, MCQs, and study resources are regularly updated to reflect the latest legal developments. We provide practical client scenarios to help you apply legal concepts in real-world contexts, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

4. First-Rate Teaching by Practicing Professionals

Our tutors are accomplished legal practitioners who bring extensive real-world experience into the classroom. They supplement academic instruction with practical insights, offering valuable perspectives on the legal profession.

5. Fully Flexible Payment Options

We operate on a subscription model, allowing you to pause and resume your learning at your convenience. There are no rigid deadlines or pressure to adhere to someone else’s timeline. We understand that cultivating great lawyers takes time and commitment, and we empower you to learn at your own pace.

Invest in Your Future

Choosing the right SQE preparation course is an investment in your future legal career. Our comprehensive course at Freedom Law Clinic is designed to not only prepare you for the SQE exams but also to nurture your skills and experiences as a budding legal professional. Embark on a transformative journey with us and gain the confidence and competence needed to excel in the legal field.

Get Started Today

For more information on our SQE preparation course at Freedom Law Clinic and how it can accelerate your legal career, reach out to us today. We are committed to providing a supportive and enriching learning environment that empowers you to succeed. Join us and take the first step towards realizing your dream of becoming a proficient and respected lawyer.

In conclusion, the right SQE preparation course can make a world of difference in your journey towards becoming a qualified lawyer. Choose a course that not only prepares you for the exams but also empowers you with practical skills and experiences that will set you apart in the legal profession. Your success begins with the right preparation—let Freedom Law Clinic help you achieve your goals.

In the realm of legal education, the landscape is rapidly evolving. New SQE providers are emerging all the time.

The Freedom Law Clinic has been delivering clinical legal education courses since 2015. Our team is made up solely from qualified legal professionals who are regulated by the SRA. Our focus has always been on learning through doing: allowing students to apply their knowledge in the context of real-life scenarios. 

This is why the Freedom Law Clinic’s innovative approach to preparing students for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination 1 (SQE1) stands out: by combining SQE learning with practical experience.

Unlike traditional passive learning experiences, the Freedom Law Clinic offers a dynamic and engaging online SQE1 course which focuses on the application of knowledge. 

Active Learning: Beyond Passive Lectures

The cornerstone of the Freedom Law Clinic’s SQE1 course is active learning. This approach ensures that knowledge is immediately applied to factual scenarios, with repeated practice to reinforce comprehension. Gone are the days of passive video lectures—here, students actively engage in seminars where they apply knowledge and support each other’s learning journeys.

This is supplemented by a library of Multiple-Choice Questions so you can develop examination technique. Our MCQs are updated on a weekly basis meaning that even if you manage to work through the 1000s of questions on our LMS, new questions will be uploaded within 7 days. 

Community-Centric Seminars

Central to the Freedom Law Clinic’s ethos is its vibrant community of learners. Seminars are dynamic spaces where essential SQE curriculum ideas are communicated through active engagement and open communication. Students are encouraged to participate, share insights, and collaborate—a stark departure from solitary learning experiences.

Personalised Learning Journey

Upon enrollment, each student receives a designated learning plan aligned with the SRA’s SQE1 assessment criteria. Monthly one-on-one meetings with tutors allow for personalized feedback and assessment of knowledge gaps. This tailored approach ensures that students progress steadily towards exam readiness, reducing the risk of premature exam attempts.

Subscription Model: Pay for What You Use

Recognizing the financial constraints students often face, the Freedom Law Clinic adopts a subscription model. Students pay only for the content and resources they engage with, ensuring cost-effectiveness and eliminating unnecessary charges for non-essential knowledge. 

SQE1 preparation course can cost a lot – especially if you are merely being given access to pre-recorded lectures. Our subscription includes close supervision and bespoke learning plans to make sure you get the kind of supervision you need to pass. We don’t want cost to be a barrier for anyone seeking to enter the profession. That is why we provide fully funded scholarships for students who need them.

Comprehensive Resources

The course boasts original written materials authored by experienced tutors and qualified lawyers. Additionally, a vast library of multiple-choice questions enables students to test their understanding comprehensively. This arsenal of resources empowers students to master the essentials of the SQE1 curriculum efficiently.

Ongoing Support and Supervision

A striking feature of the program is its commitment to close supervision and ongoing support. Tutors closely monitor student progress, providing detailed feedback reports and confirming exam readiness. This proactive approach aims to address the alarming 51% SQE1 failure rate by ensuring that students only attempt the exam when fully prepared.

Practical Experience: Qualifying Work Experience (QWE)

Setting itself apart from competitors, the Freedom Law Clinic integrates Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) into its SQE1 course. Students gain immediate access to practical opportunities within the clinic, enabling them to apply legal knowledge in real-world contexts. From assisting with housing and welfare cases to engaging in complex criminal appeals, students actively contribute to the community while honing their skills.

Advancing Career Opportunities

Beyond academic success, the Freedom Law Clinic’s course opens doors to exciting career opportunities. By engaging in practical legal work early on, students build a solid foundation for future professional endeavors. This proactive approach not only enhances employability but also cultivates a sense of purpose and community engagement among students. We have an excellent record of getting our online SQE1 students into paid employment. Our courses are often cited in professional profiles. 


The Freedom Law Clinic’s online SQE1 course redefines legal education by prioritizing active learning, community engagement, and personalized support. Through its innovative approach, the program not only equips students with essential legal knowledge but also instills practical skills and fosters a supportive learning environment. If you seek a transformative SQE1 training experience that prepares you comprehensively for legal practice, look no further than the Freedom Law Clinic.

In a landscape crowded with online SQE courses, the Freedom Law Clinic stands out as a beacon of excellence—an institution committed to empowering the next generation of legal professionals with the skills and confidence to succeed.

We’ve received several inquiries about our new Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) course at the Freedom Law Clinic. Let’s address some key questions you might have:

How Does Our QWE Course Operate?

Upon enrollment, you’ll have an induction call with one of our solicitors. During this call, you’ll receive important documents including our casework handbook and access to legal resources. This call will help set the timetable for your initial weeks with the clinic.

You’ll start with ‘red tier’ casework, which involves handling cases without urgent deadlines. This phase allows us to assess your practical skills and identify areas for improvement. You’ll receive a detailed report outlining your strengths and areas of development.

Progressing to ‘yellow tier’ casework, you’ll work closely with solicitors on client cases. Regular check-ins and progress reports will help enhance your competencies until you’re ready for ‘green tier’ casework—where you’ll independently manage client cases. Weekly face-to-face meetings with solicitors ensure your work meets our QWE standards.

After 6 months, we will take a ‘retention decision’ with respect to every student. Successful students will be retained as permanent caseworkers within the clinic and will be retained permanently in our casework staff.

What Will I Work On?

You’ll handle a variety of cases from our network of partner organisations, including charities and public interest groups. Recent cases have involved assisting vulnerable individuals with housing allocations, providing advice on civil actions related to public order, drafting pre-charge representations for criminal cases, and reviewing complex criminal appeals.

Who Will Supervise Me?

Our qualified solicitors, regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and bound by the Code of Solicitor Conduct, will supervise you. They ensure compliance with legal provisions and monitor your development according to solicitor competence standards.

What’s the Commitment?

The programme is flexible. We’ll ask you weekly how many hours you have available for QWE, and assignments will be tailored accordingly. While you can adjust your capacity week by week, commitment to completing assigned cases is essential.

Can I Pause My Subscription?

Your subscription renews monthly, and you can pause or cancel it by providing one month’s notice.

Will My Work Count?

Absolutely! All tasks assigned meet Qualifying Work Experience requirements. By following solicitors’ guidance and supervision, your work will be officially signed off. At the end of your six week commitment you will be considered for permanent retention as a caseworker in the clinic. If you succeed, you will continue working on our casework. If you do not succeed, then we will sign off the work you have accrued to date.

Why Pay for Work Experience?

You’re not paying for work experience but for quality supervision, training, and feedback—essential for professional growth. Your subscription fee supports qualified lawyers in providing feedback on your work and delivering vital legal services. Fully funded scholarships are available.

Enrol now through our website!
If you have more questions, feel free to reach out via WhatsApp or email.

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