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By Freedom Law Clinic | uncategorised | Published on April 2, 2024

Today we have launched our Qualifying Work Experience course. QWE has always been a part of our flagship SQE and QWE programme, but today – in response to significant demand – we are launching it as a stand-alone offering. 

Our QWE course combines real world experience with intense practical skills training. You will work on real cases from the moment you sign up. You will receive regular input from your supervising solicitor who will provide a framework for your development. At the end of the process we will provide a final report on your practical work. You will be also be considered for a position as a permanent caseworker within our clinic. 

We guarantee 6 months Qualifying Work Experience. 

You can accumulate more as a permanent caseworker. 

What am I paying for? 

Our course is funded through subscriptions. We use the subscriptions to pay our lawyers and to administer the course. The process of delivering structured, meaningful work experience takes diligence and care on behalf of trained professionals. The reality is that most work experience you get in your early years will not be challenging, engaging or rewarding because you simply cannot be trusted to work independently. We provide a framework for you to do your best work, with the quality control that comes with close supervision. 

Charging a subscription means that our lawyers can deliver work which would otherwise not be funded. It means that you can get the kind of experience which is not usually offered to students. It’s an investment in your practical skills which will make an immediate and significant difference to your employability. 

Who will I be working with?

Our QWE course is administered by solicitors of England and Wales. We are regulated by the SRA and receive their feedback into the programmes we offer. Our solicitors come from a range of backgrounds across our areas of work. All of them have demonstrated a passion for pro-bono and a belief that legal education can change the world. 

What work will I be doing?

Recent cases for our SQE/QWE students include:

  1. A negligence case against a local housing authority involving an injury to a child;
  2. A public order case involving the imposition of a criminal behaviour order;
  3. Assisting in the preparation of pre-trial representations in a summary only criminal case; 
  4. Advising on issues regarding fitness to plead in a complex criminal appeal; 
  5. Assisting nurses through proceedings with the National Midwifery Council.

Our clinic is also involved in campaigning and public interest litigation. Since 2020, we have been involved in the following research and campaigning activities:

  1. Monitoring the impact of the COVID19 lockdown on civil liberties and access to justice;
  2. Preparing a report into Race and Policing, following the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement;
  3. Reviewing the impact of the Human Rights Act and the potential impact of its repeal.

Our clinic is a space for intellectual development, alongside practical work experience and exam preparation. 

If you want more from your legal education, then why not get in touch today. 

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