Welcome to the all new Freedom Law Clinic Site!

By Freedom Law Clinic | news | Published on March 1, 2024

The all new Freedom Law Clinic website is here, introducing the all new Freedom Law School curriculum for 2023 / 2024.

Our innovative programmes offers training for the Solicitors Qualification Examination 1 and 2 with Qualifying Work Experience at the same time.

What’s more, our subscription fee is far more affordable than those charged by major law schools.

Industry Access

We have a wide network of solicitors, and we partner with major law firms to provide exclusive opportunities for Qualifying Work Experience (QWE). The experience you gain with us is tailored to your individual career aspirations, helping you build a strong foundation for your legal career. We offer bespoke careers training to all our students, giving you the best possible chances of employment following your graduation.

Improving Diversity

We are committed to promoting diversity in the legal profession by making legal education accessible to everyone. Our seminars and lectures are available throughout the week, allowing you to log on when you have the time. Our work experience is also flexible, allowing you to accumulate professional work experience at your own pace. We offer the largest scholarship programme of its kind, meaning more and more students can train for free.

Active learning

We understand that learning the law is not just about memorising legal principles and concepts. It’s about being able to apply that knowledge in real-world scenarios. That’s why we use an active learning model that focuses on practical application and constant drilling.

Our seminars are built around practice questions and client scenarios. This means that our students are constantly challenged to apply their legal knowledge to real-life situations. They are drilled on the application of legal principles, so that they are prepared to apply their legal knowledge in the real world, as well as in their exams.

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