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We create innovative pro bono opportunities for students to gain unparalleled access to criminal appeal cases and provide vital assistance to clients who can't fund legal representation and might otherwise be denied access to justice.

Our students work on real cases under the guidance of expert lawyers. They get access to the most rewarding and interesting pro bono casework imaginable. Our clients get free help and the benefit of the most enquiring minds, emergent legal talent and knowledge, supported by a permanent caseworker team recruited from the best and brightest students and graduates on our programmes.


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Our pro bono programme doesn’t just look good on your CV. It provides you with unprecedented insight into criminal defence work, giving you the opportunity to develop subject knowledge and apply theory to complex and serious offences. Definitely something to talk about at interview…

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We provide unique pro bono and CLE services to leading universities across the UK, helping to inspire future generations of lawyers. What’s more, we also work remotely, so your students can gain fantastic criminal law experience no matter where they are based.


We act for defendants convicted of the most serious criminal offences and assist in preparing cases for review by the Court of Appeal and the CCRC. Find out how our unique work pairing students with experienced lawyers could benefit your case.

For everyone else

If you’re a trainee or early-career lawyer or an experienced solicitor or barrister, a potential corporate sponsor, a journalist or even a member of the public, find out how you can get involved with FLC.

Defending civil liberties

We partner with leading civil liberties organisations to offer free legal help to those facing orders from their local authority. Our students work with clients to resolve disputes in a way that honours a commitment to due process.

Discover more about our civil liberties work with the Manifesto Club.


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