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Rules for Radicals is a new, free legal education course designed for those involved in community activism, or for those who want to use the law as a means to change the world.

The course will equip those offering help to their own community with the knowledge and connections to help them thrive. This will include free online and in -person courses, access to pro-bono legal help and even legal representation where necessary.

At the conclusion of the course there will be opportunities to continue working with the clinic, helping us deliver first class pro-bono legal assistance.

Rules for Radicals courses are open to anyone, whether they have any legal training in law or not. It’s aim will be to deliver the legal knowledge that activists need in order to make a difference.

The courses will be both in-person and online. Our first meeting will be online and will take place on the 19th of August 2021.

Following that date, we will be running in person meetings across London.

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If you would like details of how to apply, please complete the short form below and explain why you are interested in the programme. We cannot wait to hear from you.

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Our lawyers and law students can help with issues ranging from housing and welfare issues to civil liberties.

Freedom Law Clinic is a Community Interest Company registered (10227294) in England. That means that any profit we make goes straight back in to providing more legal education and assistance to clients in line with our mission statement.


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