Human Rights

In March a group of students were selected by the Freedom Law Clinic to steer a human rights project. The vision was to create a timely discussion that aligned with the ongoing review of the Human Rights Act 1998. The project is called Review Your Rights (RYR) and has been progressing steadily. We would now like to invite you to join the project.

Students participating in this project will consider the state of Human Rights across the UK in comparison to different perspectives across the globe. Students will have a chance to explore this concept under four themes:

  • The universality of human rights
  • The role of the judiciary in human rights
  • The social/political impact of human rights (part I)
  • The social/political impact of human rights (part II)


The project will consist of three components that all students are encouraged to get involved in across May and June:

  • The project will commence with the release of four podcasts with guest speakers, across the month of May
  • The pinnacle of the project will be a set of student-led roundtable discussions, on the 18th June
  • Following the roundtable, students will have the opportunity to participate in an essay competition

Students are encouraged to actively engage in discussions across our social media channels and in relation to the reading list throughout the project so that they can develop their own in depth views on one or more of the themes.

Look out for our new Freedom Law Clinic Human Rights Instagram page to hear more about the project, the podcast speakers, and event announcements.

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Register your interest and we will email you as soon as we have more details about the programme.

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