SQE preparation programme including QWE (July)

£245.00 / month for 12 months



For students starting on 12th July 2021 and intending to take the SQE 1 exam in July 2022 or January 2023.

This programme includes live seminars, recorded lectures, digital learning materials and live skills workshops to provide you with the functional legal knowledge to take the SQE 1 exam. You will normally have four hours of direct interaction with your supervisor and with the clinic team each week and throughout the course you will be working on client cases to build up Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) hours. In turn, this will allow you to develop the skills and competencies required for the SQE 2 assessment.

The fees for this course are discounted (£125 per month instead of £245) on the basis that you are participating in a pilot programme and will be helping us to road test our materials and the way we deliver the programme. Your feedback will be essential in helping us to continuously improve both the content and the student experience, so there will be regular opportunities to share your opinions and ideas – and help us build a community of aspiring lawyers who are committed to legal education that really does change the world.

The small print: Our straightforward pay-as-you-go (PAYG) formula means that you pay a fixed amount every month and have the option to pause your participation (and payments) if your circumstances change. You can restart at any time. The maximum number of payments you will make is 12, so a total of £1,250+VAT and payments are debited automatically each month. If your career plans change completely and you decide not pursue the SQE, you can simply cancel your monthly payments in time for the next billing cycle. We do not issue refunds part way through a month or for any unused elements of the programme. As our programme features a significant casework element, by participating you agree to be bound by the principles of professional ethics set out by the Solicitors Regulation Authority even though you are not a qualified solicitor. Any breach of those principles may amount to misconduct which could lead to your place being withdrawn. Sign off on Qualifying Work Experience is contingent on you undertaking the pro bono work that is assigned to you and keeping records of the time you have spent on each case. Any fees for exams, assessments and resits are payable by you directly to the SRA.