Criminal law – SQE and qualifying work experience programme September 2022




Starting in September 2022, our criminal law short course helps you prepare for the criminal law functional legal knowledge for SQE 1. It also helps you gain valuable Qualifying Work Experience so that you can demonstrate your commitment to future employers of training placement provides so that you can undertake further QWE.

This short course normally takes place over six weeks, but can be extended to 12 weeks, part time, on request once you have signed up.

If you are looking for complete training for all aspects of SQE 1 (plus SQE 2 and QWE) please click here.

The small print: The programme fee of £350+VAT is a one off payment for access to the learning materials which are provided to you. We do not issue refunds part way through a course or for any unused elements of the programme. As our programme features a significant casework element, by participating you agree to be bound by the principles of professional ethics set out by the Solicitors Regulation Authority even though you are not a qualified solicitor. Any breach of those principles may amount to misconduct which could lead to your place being withdrawn. Sign off on Qualifying Work Experience is contingent on you undertaking the pro bono work that is assigned to you and keeping records of the time you have spent on each case. Any fees for exams, assessments and resits related to the SQE itself are payable by you directly to the SRA.