Local law clinics

Our local hybrid law clinics offer in person and online legal assistance to individuals who need assistance with a range of issues, including housing, welfare and civil liberties.

Using a combination of experienced lawyers, dedicated law students and technology, our goal is to make legal assistance accessible for everyone. 

Throughout August and September – starting in Leytonstone on the 18th of August 2021 – we will be running our pilot programme, which will eventually be rolled out to communities across the UK. We are offering both face-to-face and digital consultations.

See below for details of our current clinics and how to get in touch.

Some of the institutions
we work with...


Starting from 18th August 2021 – if you have an issue and feel you could benefit from free legal help, then please register your email address and we will respond to you within two working days.

Pro bono legal assistance

Pro bono simply means that the lawyers and students helping you are volunteering their time without charging for their work. Our students gain valuable work experience, overseen by experience lawyers – while you, the client, get access to legal assistance that might otherwise be beyond your reach. It’s our way of giving something back – and being part of the communities we live and work in.

Community activist?

Find out about our free legal education courses to help you help your community – even if you are not a lawyer.

Freedom Law Clinic is a Community Interest Company registered (10227294) in England. That means that any profit we make goes straight back in to providing more legal education and assistance to clients in line with our mission statement.


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