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Fitness to practise programme

Join us as we help nurses and midwives navigate the
complexities of fitness to practise proceedings.

We all understand why professional regulation is so important, particularly when those professionals are in direct contact with the sick, elderly or vulnerable. Safeguarding patients is paramount, but so is making sure that dedicated nurses and midwives receive a fair hearing and can put forward their best possible case. Livelihoods are often at stake and the FTP process can involve months or even years of uncertainty.

Through the FTP programme students will be assisting nurses and midwives who are the subject of fitness to practise proceedings by their regulator and who, for whatever reason, do not have access to legal representation.

We have new intakes of students every month.

Some of the institutions
we work with...

Informed choices

Our primary goal is to be able to inform the individual client so that they in turn can make informed choices, whether that is decisions on how they present their case, or whether they should seek actively legal advice on specific points.

Initially students will focus on developing a detailed understanding of their client’s case and identifying the key issues, viewed in context of the probative value of the available evidence and any relevant caselaw. This may be in preparation for a panel hearing, or considering possible grounds of appeal once a negative panel finding has been received.

Our programme offers unique insight into professional regulation and the procedures and statutory powers deployed by the Nursing and Midwifery Council in the exercise of its duties. It will also touch on areas of public law, such as judicial review and the appellate role of the High Court.

Programme fee - £72 per student
to cover the cost of materials and administration

Our programme puts students in the driving seat... you do the research, you apply the law to the facts of your client's case and you tell us how we can help progress matters towards a panel hearing or an appeal.


Our FTP programme builds on our expertise in involving students with complex casework over a relatively short space of time, whilst still making a valuable contribution to the client's case.

The programme takes place over the course of six weeks, with regular interaction with the FLC team as well as weekly Zoom calls to update on progress and discuss your client’s case. Students will be working in groups who are assigned at least one client case to review. All work is completed remotely, so you can participate from anywhere the world and do not need to attend our offices.

The programme is suitable for anyone who is studying law, regardless of whether this is at undergraduate or postgraduate level or on a professional practice course. No medical knowledge is required.

Apply for the programme

To apply for the FTP programme, send an email to and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


Who can apply?

The programme is open to students, graduates and post graduates. You do not need experience of regulatory law or or medical knowledge in order to participate. We provide comprehensive support materials that will give you the basic level of knowledge to start working on your client’s case. The experience from the programme will be relevant to both aspiring barristers and solicitors.


When can I start?

We have new groups of students starting every month – the main thing is to figure out when you can attend the weekly Zoom sessions. Once you sign up, you will be given a range of options and can join the most convenient group.


What time commitment is required?

We suggest that you should allocate approximately 10 hours per week, although if you are planning on pursuing a career in regulatory or criminal practice you may want to dedicate more time. There is a weekly casework meeting via Zoom – the rest of the work can be completed flexibly around other commitments.


Does casework on this programme count as QWE?

No. We have a completely different process for signing off QWE to meet the SRA requirements. This is not possible given the nature of the FTP programme.


Do I have to attend in person?

No. Our FTP programme is conducted online, so you can participate from anywhere so long as you have an internet connection.


Why do I have to pay?

We are a self-funding community interest company which means that our income is derived from the services we provide. We make a nominal charge for learning materials and administration, but all of this is reinvested into developing our legal education programmes and helping clients.


Can I cancel or defer my place?

We do not accept cancellations once you have had access to the learning materials. Nor is it possible to defer your participation once you have been allocated to a working group.


What tasks might I be undertaking?

Casework varies depending on the needs of the client, so you could be drafting correspondence with the client to request additional papers or information, be assessing the merits of the clients case, preparing bundles or arguments for a panel, or setting out basic grounds of appeal. There is no exhaustive list… we encourage all students to take initiative and ensure that their client’s needs are met.

Freedom Law Clinic - sqe preparation and pro bono opportunities

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