Friday 9 September 2022

Thank you to everyone who took part in our FLC Essay Competition Seminars. The essay competition is now open for submissions!

Each student is entitled to submit one essay for the competition. Entry is completely free of charge.  Your essay should focus on one of the topics outlined below – but does not have to stick to any particular essay titles. The seminars were provocations for you to think about the subject. The essays should relate to the law and it will be an advantage to undertake serious consideration of relevant legal regimes, but beyond that you should feel free to make the topic your own.

The deadline is the 24 October 2022 at 1600.  The shortlist and the winners will be announced on our website before the end of December.

The first prize will be £500 cash. There will be runner up prizes to the second and third place essays. All the shortlisted and winning essays will be linked to on the website.

There is no set format or word count for your essay, but you should make sure your work looks professional and well presented. A sensible upper limit on your word count would be around 3000 words, but you will not be deducted points for exceeding this. You should just consider the length of essay you can manage in the time available while making sure it is concise and well argued.

Essays should be submitted to

If you have any questions about the prize or about the rules then please email them to that address too.

Here are a reminder of the topics and links to the relevant seminar recordings. You will need the relevant passcodes to access the recordings.

The Bar’s Industrial Action  

Passcode: Gc8G*c0N

Human Rights Act vs Bill of Rights

Passcode: Qlxsa#Q6

Abortion and the Law

Passcode: dawn0t.N

Ukraine and the Rules Based International Order:

Passcode: knm65^r4 Good luck to all our entrants – we can’t wait to read your essays!

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