Legal education
that changes the world

We create innovative pro bono opportunities for students to gain unparalleled access to criminal appeal cases and provide vital assistance to clients who can’t fund legal representation and might otherwise be denied access to justice.

Our students work on real cases under the guidance of expert lawyers. They get access to the most rewarding and interesting pro bono casework imaginable. Our clients get free help and the benefit of the most enquiring minds, emergent legal talent and knowledge, supported by a permanent caseworker team recruited from the best and brightest students and graduates on our programmes.

Legal education should prepare students for practice, but ultimately it should also give them a sense of vocation.
Luke Gittos

Clinic Director

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What we do

SQE 1 & 2 + Qualifying
Work Experience

£245 per month, pay as you go. For aspiring solicitors to gain entry into practice

Develop functional legal knowledge and practical skills for the SQE 1 and SQE 2 assessment, while gaining Qualifying Work Experience.

Pro Bono Programme

For students looking for pro bono opportunities in criminal law

Work on real life criminal appeal cases under the supervision of expert lawyers as you help research and prepare an application to the CCRC.


Safeguarding rights and defending individuals against local authorities.

Encouraging engagement, expanding legal debate, critical thinking and analysis through the lens of civil liberties and student-led projects.

Criminal pro bono programme
Criminal appeals - help with applications to the Criminal Cases Review Commission

The latest from FLC

FLC Local

FLC community clinics

Coming soon – local community law clinics by FLC.


Lunchtime Crime Series

The Daniel Morgan Report

Catch up on our Lunchtime Crime Series from 25 June, with Luke Gittos discussing what the Daniel Morgan report tells us about policing.

Legal education

Train to be a solicitor - £245 per month

Our latest legal education programme is designed to make qualifying as a solicitor even more affordable, accessible and flexible…for everyone. From September 2021 our full SQE programme including Qualifying Work Experience will be available on a pay-as-you-go basis…

Youth violence and knife crime

Launch event

Throughout 2021 the clinic will be focussing on the issue of youth violence and knife crime, bringing together experts, academics and students .

Understanding criminal appeals

The White House Farm murders

Watch our video intro series where Luke Gittos talks about criminal appeals in the context of the Jeremy Bamber and the ‘White House Farm’ murders of 1985.

Race and policing

Essay competition winners

Following our incredibly successful Race and Policing Forum in the summer of 2020, the winners of the essay prize are announced.

Video and Podcasts

Criminal justice system and Covid-19

Listen to the inaugural edition of our podcast where we interview James Mullholland QC, chair of the Criminal Bar Association, talking about the response to the pandemic.

Civil Liberties in the Lockdown

Final report published

Read the culmination of students’ work tracking and analysing the legislative and policing response to Covid-19.


News and Opinion

News, views and updates from the FLC team

Find out more about what is happening with FLC, our programmes and our take on some of the topical legal and law-related issues facing society today.

About us

Our story & our people

We are our people, because our people give their time freely to make all of our projects and programmes a success.

Our mission:

The Freedom Law Clinic was established in 2015 as a pro bono and alternatively funded project looking at apparent cases of miscarriages of justice, providing support to convicted prisoners who are maintaining their innocence.

As a result of our initial work, we developed a unique programme which harnesses the power of students to provide vital resource for those who are not able to afford representation and might otherwise be denied access to justice.

Now we are a Community Interest Company and fund our work through a diverse range of paid-for education services. We keep our overheads to a minimum and any profit we make is retained within the company and reinvested to fulfil our long term goal of delivering legal education that really does change the world.

The FLC team
Luke Gittos- Freedom Law Clinic

Luke Gittos

Solicitor, Clinic Director

Luke is a criminal lawyer at Murrays Partnership Solicitors and a specialist in complex criminal litigation. He qualified in 2013 and has been working in criminal justice since 2009. He is the case supervisor for all our criminal work.

Grant Ambridge - Freedom Law Clinic

Grant Ambridge

Solicitor, Director

Grant is senior partner at Murrays Partnership Solicitors and a highly-regarded expert in complex criminal cases.

Khaled Hussain-Dupré

Casework Director

Khaled is the clinic’s most senior caseworker having completed our recruitment programme in 2017. He has worked extensively developing the Clinic’s relationships with new partners and been central to our recent applications to the CCRC.

Josie Laidman

Programme Coordinator

Josie joined the permanent casework team in 2020 having successfully completed our recruitment programme and now coordinates our programme of  civil liberties projects and events.

Freedom Law Clinic - sqe preparation and pro bono opportunities

Freedom Law Clinic is a Community Interest Company registered (10227294) in England. That means that any profit we make goes straight back in to providing more legal education and assistance to clients in line with our mission statement.