Legal insight.

We deliver pro bono legal assistance to clients who might not otherwise be able to fund the preparation of their case and be denied access to justice. We do this with the help of volunteers who not only make an invaluable contribution to our real life casework, but who also undertake training that introduces them to various aspects of our legal system. 

If you are considering a career in the law, or simply have an interest in justice and society then our courses are a great primer as well as giving you firsthand insight in to legal practice and the preparation of legal cases.

We work completely digitally, so you can participate in our courses from wherever you are, without the need to travel. 
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An introduction to criminal law

This course designed to introduce members of the public to the workings of the criminal justice system through the consideration of a real life appeal case. Signing up to our six-week course gives you access to our comprehensive video lecture and podcast series which focuses on criminal law. 

You will also receive access to one of our case files, which you will work through with the help of a qualified criminal law solicitor who you will meet (virtually) every week to discuss the legal issues raised by your assigned case. You will also be working in a small team to complete a piece of written work which will then be considered by our lawyers. As well as providing feedback, we will decide whether your work can make a difference to the progress of the case, in which case it will be used. You will have the chance to make a real difference to the life of people who claim to be wrongfully convicted.

You do not need a background in law or any legal training or academic qualifications to take part. All you need is enthusiasm and a strong work ethic. 

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Our civil liberties are the most important freedoms we have. They have emerged across centuries through ongoing struggles with those in power. Today, violations of our civil liberties are often the subject of discussion. The expansion of state surveillance creates concern about our right to privacy. The arrest and conviction of people for belonging to certain groups and organisations raise questions about our right to free expression and association. The regime around combatting terror has been accused of undermining hard won protections against arbitrary detention.

Our six-week course in Public Law and Civil Liberties considers these issues, along with the legal frameworks in which they arise in practice. We will discuss how we protect our civil liberties through the law. We discuss the law around Judicial Review and how the decisions of public bodies can be challenged.