Pro bono.
It’s what we do.

We develop engaging pro bono programmes that give you firsthand access to complex criminal appeal cases involving serious offences. You get to make a direct contribution to our client casework, undertaking valuable legal research and pursuing new lines of enquiry, working under expert supervision from experienced criminal law solicitors in order to identify and prepare fresh grounds of appeal.

Our clients get the benefit of some of the brightest minds and emerging legal talent working on their case.

You will have access to our comprehensive online lecture series so that you understand some of the key legal concepts before undertaking specific tasks to move the client’s case forward as part of a small group.

What’s more, all of our work is completed digitally, which means that you can participate from almost anywhere.

Our pro bono programmes last for six weeks and at the end we invite participants to apply to join our permanent casework team and gain further pro bono experience working accross our extensive and ever-changing portfolio of cases.

The clinic was demanding - but no where else would I get such exposure to criminal practice. The experience was invaluable
— Francesca Olmos - Crown Prosecution Service
I really enjoyed the mixture of lectures, class discussions and’s a great subject to talk about at interviews
— Tom Worden, pupil barrister, 187 Fleet Streeet

The benefits

  • gain impressive experience of working on complex criminal cases

  • interact with clients, expert witnesses and other legal professionals

  • review extensive case papers

  • develop interesting discussion points for interviews for training contracts, pupillages or scholarships

  • demonstrate your commitment to pro bono work

  • apply textbook knowledge to real life situations

  • work with the latest developments in topical areas of criminal law, such as joint enterprise and disclosure failings

  • make a difference to peoples’ lives

The application process

Our unique recruitment process is designed to give you access to innovative training and clinical legal education in criminal law, whilst helping us to identify the best legal talent to join our permanent casework team supporting a wide range of clients on a pro bono basis.


We welcome candidates of all levels of experience. You must complete our application form (see below) and our main requirement is that you have a passion for criminal justice and/or civil liberties.


Candidates will be invited to attend an online interview. We will not be testing your knowledge of the law, but more generally your academic ability and capacity to commit to casework in the future.


At this stage you will be given access to our online lecture series as well as being assigned to a live case as part of a group of student caseworkers. Through the lectures and your own research in to the legal issues surrounding your client’s situation you will be expected to make a significant contribution to preparing the case either for further consideration by counsel or as part of a direct representation to the CCRC.


At the end of our recruitment cycle we invite participants to apply to join our permanent casework team. Selection is highly competitive and based on observations of your performance as well as your individual contribution to your client’s case. Recruited caseworkers are assigned to multiple cases, most involving complex and serious crimes and given the opportunity to engage with clients and the CCRC as well as undertaking prison visits and working more independently to achieve positive outcomes for our clients. We also rely on our caseworkers to mentor new student intakes and share their knowledge and experiences.

The cost

We charge a nominal fee of £40 per person for access to our online lecture series. This is how we fund the development of our work and as a Community Interest Company any profits are automatically reinvested for the benefit of our students and clients.


Apply now!

Please complete the form in order to start your application and then email your curriculum vitae to us at


Please note that you will only be invited to pay the £40 training fee once we confirm your place on our recruitment cycle.

Please follow the link if you are interested in pro bono opportunities in our civil liberties clinic.

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