The Disgrace of Diplock: Why we are helping Brendan McConville

In 2009, PC Stephen Carroll was shot dead on a housing estate in Craigavon, Northern Ireland. The following day, a group of men were arrested for the shooting. Brendan McConville, an ex-Sinn Fein councillor, was convicted of the murder along with his co-defendant John Paul Wootton, following a  non-jury trial.

Diplock trials were established in 1973. They allowed for certain ‘scheduled offences’ to be tried by a single Judge rather than a jury. Today, Diplock trials have purportedly been abolished. But non-jury trials still remain in Northern Ireland. When Brendan McConville and John Paul Wooton stood trial, it was in front of a single judge rather than a jury.  Both men are serving a life sentence without ever being tried by their peers.

That is why we are helping evaluate the conviction of Brendan McConville. We believe that all citizens deserve a jury trial. There are serious issues with the evidence in this case. But we also want to help with case to defend a principle. Jurors are the best possible protection against miscarriages of justice.  Everyone who faces a serious criminal trial deserves a jury.

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Read the Crown Court judgement in the trial here.

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