Our appeals clinic 

Our appeal clinic launched in 2015. We now have sites across London.

Students working with our appeals clinic help prepare applications to the Criminal Case Review Commission. 

They may also be asked to assist one of our lawyers in preparing an application to the Court of Appeal. 

The cases they work on range from murder to drugs offences. The issues that these cases raise are very diverse. 

Our recent casework includes:


H was convicted in 1994 of a 2 murders, an attempted murder and an aggravated burglary. It was alleged that he was a member of an ‘execution squad’ associated with Jamaican gangsters operating in London. The case involved many areas of evidence including DNA and shoe indentation. Students are currently researching the adequacy of H’s representation and considering the many complaints he raises about his trial defence. They are also following up independent lines of inquiry with the Kingston police.

R v DW

DW was convicted of murder in 2008. His case was the first major investigation of Operation Trident, which was established to investigate ‘black on black’ gun crime. His case involved the use of ‘supergrass’ evidence. An individual accused of a different murder gave evidence against DW on the promise of a reduced sentence for his own crimes. The case became notorious as an example of Trident Officers mishandling defence witnesses. The students are now investigating police conduct of the investigation to establish any further relevant areas of misconduct.

R v A

A was convicted in 2013 of involvement in a complex drugs importation conspiracy and concurrent property fraud. He now claims that his prosecution involved the use of an undisclosed participating informant. This raises important questions about the operation of the disclosure obligations in his case. Students in the first 6-week course prepared a comprehensive summary document to assist in the preparation of submissions to the Criminal Case Review Commission.




I really enjoyed the mixture of lectures, class discussions and presentations...it’s a great subject to talk about at interviews
— Tom Worden, pupil barrister 187 Fleet Streeet
The clinic was demanding - but no where else would I get such exposure to criminal practice. The experience was invaluable
— Francesca Olmos - Crown Prosecution Service