Become a Caseworker

Our organisation relies on student caseworkers. We are extremely selective about the students we recruit. That is why our recruitment process is uniquely designed to identify the best legal talent while giving students unique training in criminal law. Joining our lecture cycle is not just a long job interview. It is a unique opportunity to engage in real criminal casework.

Stage one - Paper application

Candidates are initially advised to complete our application form. We welcome students with all levels of experience. Our only requirement is a passion for criminal justice and civil liberties.

stage two - interview

Students will be invited to attend an online interview to determine suitability for the rest of the recruitment process. We will not be testing your knowledge of the law. Candidates will be asked about their academic ability and their capacity to commit to casework.

stage three - lecture cycle

Students in the third stage will be given access to our online education materials. These include video lectures and case materials from our active casework. Students will learn about criminal law by working on cases involving serious crimes. At this stage, students will be asked to make a contribution to the work of the clinic or alternatively to apply for one of our bursaries.

Stage four - casework

Those applicants who are successful in our lecture cycle will be invited to join our student casework team. They will be asked to engage in all areas of our work. This may include developing the work they have started on the lecture cycle. Our caseworkers are involved in meeting clients face to face,  visiting prisons, undertaking independent reserach and making an active contribution to the lives of our clients.